Engkanto was formed mid 2008 and plays world music, particularly ethno tribal and local Philippine natural music. It was formed by Rodney Formaran, Norman Labaguis, Nerissa Zabanal and Mark Cesario. They get along with the other members connected to their former band.


All of the members came from the same band in different occasions. Contained in the music Engkanto plays some ethnic dace which the group practices in every gig. This includes the national dance patterns from different provinces and tribes. Also practiced during gigs is the POI or FIRE dance.it makes the audience more interested with the band.

The group plays ethnic instruments like djembe, ashiko, kalimba, didjiridoo, sordo, doumbek, kubing (jaw harp), rain stick, water chimes, shekere, among others. As the bandplays along, it has been sorted out that the band collaborates with the reggae scene. The fusion makes the music more lively and catchy. The group now has his own type of music called “ETHNO TRIBAL REGGAE”

This article was submitted by the group during the creation of the Irie World Website.