Humble Sauce was born in the late '90s doing punk rock rage with reggae and ska influences. Following successful gigs, some of the members needed to leave to concentrate more on their individual career. Recurrent changes in the band roster happened and after finding the ideal replacements for the needed talents, regeneration happened to the group. It was year 2000 and Humble Sauce is once again at-large!


The group is currently composed of, Mackè (vocals), Noie (bass), Jet and Joey (guitars), Lindon (drums), BJ (percussions) and Chris (trumpet player).

Humble Sauce is a style and a positive-vibe music, attitude and passion, which remain apparent both in the young and old which the band attracts.

Humble Sauce creates music like an innovative expression with elements of socio-political consciousness, unity, equality and peace-based justice and they don't stop there in creating their own blend of sonic definition of songs that expresses the Love for the Supreme Being, our country and our roots, and for the common man to awaken the dormant feeling of freedom in a straight- forward, in-your-face concern that is reflected in a more mature and insightful lyrics.

Humble Sauce music is an aggressive blend of dancehall, rocksteady, reggae rhythms; fast-tempo ska; raw energy punk rock grassroots, in a Do-It- Yourself ethic.


This article was contributed by ALITAPTAP (A good friend of the group)