1996 when I started to listen to reggae music. My friend Nestor Cantilla invited me to listen to it. Then when I worked in Texas Fried Chicken, I meet another Rasta guy and my love for reggae has gone stronger.


1997 I had my first reggae album "Natural Mystic" and "Legend". "Redemption Song", has inspired me ever since. I do like Bob's popular songs like "Stir it up" and "No Woman No Cry".

I prefer the old Bob records but I do listen to a variety of reggae music. I'm planning to expand my reggae library, searching for good reggae music.

Well, reach out to the community and promote reggae music, not just to popularize it but to actually help the community with it.

I organized the RASTAMBAYZ in our community. Sharing my music so they can listen to rare reggae records. Most of the time I try to influence them with reggae music that inspires them to break away from their mental slavery.

23 and I run a carenderia, I plan to paint this store with the colors of life and identify itself as a reggae hang-out in my small community.