October 2004."Waiting in vain" was the song that sparked my interest in reggae.It was Annie Lennox warbling soulfully in my ears. And as i hummed a few lines of the song, i recalled the same title of the song on the album "legend" by Marley.


I quickly changed the cd in my discman, surprisingly, as the first notes of Marley's version hit my ears...i fell deeply in love with reggae. And since then, ive been in an unrelenting pursuit of finding reggae fans,artists, and anyone who shares in the same spirit of peace, unity, and ONE LOVE!

My trip to Cebu last February 2005 opened the doors to my awareness with Cebu's local artists...and the dedicated individuals who share the same passion. I would have wanted to stay longer, but I know I still had a lot to finish in Manila.When i do get the chance to go back and rest my bones in the cradle of my Reggae friends...i'll make sure i share just enough news of what's happening with the reggae scene here.

From a newbie's point of view, i'll share with you stories of my adventures with the bars, bands, events, and some of the individuals who make reggae thrive in Manila.