RASTAMANILA is a reggae scene in metro since 2003. As well as the other productions, Rasta Manila is under Alternatribu which is the main community founded by Ms. SAZI COSINO.


It is one of the longest-running reggae scene in metro manila. This production also serves as a training ground for new reggae bands and the organizers are proud to say that some famous reggae bands started in Rasta Manila.

TOOTS GENERAL is the present organizer of this production with JIKOY as the official photographer. Together with the bands, they strive hard to make each event a successful one.

Rasta Manila is not just a production. It is a family where everyone shares their own music and where everyone shows respect to each other.

Rasta Manila helps the artists under it in building camaraderie and friendship within the music industry.

Every gig is not just an ordinary gig but an event that offers the artists as well as the audience the real meaning of music and friendship.


This article was submitted during the early conception of the website.