First Philippine Bob Marley Exhibit "REggaeVOLUTION 1997"


First Philippine Bob Marley Exhibit
"REggaeVOLUTION 1997"

And the rhythm of life started to beat as one!

May 9-11, 1997
Cebu Reggae Scene; Reggae in cebu

The Exhibit

Raintree Mall, Uptown Cebu City

Raintree Mall, Uptown Cebu City

The Interior

Bob Marley

Reggae Philippines

Reggae Visayas

Reggae and Rasta

Bob Marley Lyrics

Bob Marley

The Event

Solomon Opening 1

Solomon Opening 2

GK and Solomon

Good friends we have

Tropical Depression

All about Bob

More reggae Philippines

Reading some rastafarian articles

Buts and the rest


Some stuff

Erik and Chanchan

Jao and GK

Rose, Carz and Sked (without the dreads)

Titay reading some Bob stuff

Posters and art work contributed by friends - Jah bless King and the Jah People Society

The opener, see a pic of the Jah People Society

Jao and Ikang

Ploy and Gerry

Irie Ploy

Gk, Solomon and Ploy

Opening Omeng and Carz
Setting it up

Carz and Paolo
Rebel and Baldhead

"Do" setting it up

"Do" easy skanking

Verns and Andrew - quench me when I'm thristy


Mga Batang Jah

Our little booth

The celebration continues with Tropical Depression

Tropical Depression in Stakili

The irie crowd

Getting Irie

Jah People Society

Solomon and Dom

The irie crowd

More irie

After the event

Carz with the rest

Reydgel with Batang Jah

REggaeVOLUTION in Downtown Dub 2002


Ross and GK

Paopao, Carz GK and James


Carz Setting Up

A view of Little Jamaica - CEBU